Top 5 Strength Training Supplements

Top 5 Strength Training Supplements

When it comes to strength training and muscle-building, there are many products out there that claim to be not only helpful, but miraculous. It can be difficult to navigate that world; with varying opinions on many vitamins and supplements available. To help that navigation become a little easier, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the top 5 strength training supplements to help you build quicker, leaner muscle; while staying healthy.


1. Multivitamins

It may sound crazy, but taking a basic multivitamin every day is a sure-fire way to kick-start your workout. If you are missing the essential vitamins within your body, your body (especially the muscles) will never respond to the best of their ability. When you work out, you will burn through more essential vitamins within your body than normal.

A lot of research has even been done with results showing that those who train the hardest tend to be the most vitamin-deficient. If your entire
body is not taken care of at the beginning of each day, your body will never respond to strength training the best way it can. Putting more basic vitamins into your routine will not only help replenish what you lose during workouts, but also give you an added measure of health.

Protein Powder

2. Protein Powder

A lot of athletes and gym-goers are familiar with powdered protein. Of course, there is nothing like giving your body the protein it needs naturally through food, but protein powder can pack a serious punch. The powdered protein can deliver a lot more protein to the body in an easier-to- digest form; a drinkable liquid. Protein helps build faster muscle, while helping the body burn through fat.

The powdered form is a quick and easy snack, does not involve eating a meal, can be consumed at home or on the go, and can be extremely low in carbohydrate and fat content. Adding some protein powder to your diet can be a quick and easy way to help you build some better muscle at the gym. These powders typically come in a wide variety of flavors, so athletes tend to love this supplemental option.


3. Creatine

As far as workout supplements go, creatine is one of the most revered supplements in the strength training world. It’s an extremely well-researched molecule (one of the most researched in the industry), with benefits including improving anaerobic endurance, building faster muscle, building stronger muscle, and even improving muscle recovery.

What athletes love best about this supplement is that it accomplishes all those things listed above completely naturally and safely. Creatine is naturally found in the body and in protein-rich foods, like meat, eggs, and fish. It acts as an energy reserve within the body, allowing for enhanced energy and performance. Adding more creatine to your diet is not only helpful, but healthy.

4. Glutamine

This supplement has been known to help build muscle. It’s naturally found in the body from diet, and aids in helping your body deal with whatever stress is inflicted on it. When you’re exercising and strength training, the amount of glutamine in your body may diminish because of the stress you’re putting on your body because the glutamine is dispersing itself through to body to help it recover.

Adding more glutamine through supplementation allows your body to naturally handle more stress, allowing for better recovery time and eventually, better ability to gain muscle.

Recovering quickly is necessary when trying to build muscle, making glutamine a popular supplement among strength trainers.

5. Branched Chain Amino Acids

You may have heard of this supplement, in the form of ‘BCAAs;’ and there’s a reason they’re so popular. Everything found in this supplement can help athletes experience less muscle soreness and damage. Amino acids like leucine help regulate the metabolism of protein in the body by suppressing the degradation of protein and promoting the synthesis of protein.

The amino acids found in this supplement can help strength trainers work faster through muscle soreness and fatigue. Many athletes do not see the fat loss and muscle building results that they wish to see because their bodies get sore and must recover before the muscles reach their maximum capabilities. BCAAs can help you work through that quicker.


It can be hard to journey through the world of strength training supplements, with so many available and a lot of false information out there.
Many claim to be healthy, while others claim to have miracle-like results. The 5 strength training supplements we listed above are all healthy, extremely popular, and have been known to produce the best results. By taking one or a few of these supplements, you’ll be sure to build leaner muscle, faster; all without sacrificing your health.