Are E-cigarettes Good or Bad For You


The main question most people have concerning e-cigarettes is whether or not they are safe to use. The short answer to this question is that nobody really knows. Although e-cigarette juices definitely contain far less carcinogens than traditional cigarettes, these products have been available for such a short period of time that there has not been enough research to clearly define their level of safety.

How Hospitals Can Benefit From Data Analytics


As far as healthcare data analytics is concerned, hospitals can benefit most from the essential information if they endeavor towards appreciating the analytic discoveries instead of just focusing on the straightforward facts. The following facts explain the top ways that hospitals can better apply health analytics for them to reap the most from of the information.

How Technology Is Disrupting the Traditional Doctor Patient Relationship

How Technology Is Disrupting the Traditional Doctor Patient Relationship

The last few years have seen a striking leap forward in the pace of technological innovation across many different fields. Medicine, for example, is experiencing quite a transformation. Parts of the doctor-patient relationship that have been constant for many years are now changing due to the disruption of new technology.

How to Use the Apple Watch To Track your Health


Revolutionary Apple Watch Apple is one of the most successful technology companies in recent memory. Apple has created several groundbreaking products such as the IPod, IPad, and the IPhone. In recent years, the Iphone has gone through many transformations and millions of units have been sold. When people think of Apple, they immediately think of […]