Moov Now Review


Review of Moov Now Fitness Band

It can be difficult to get enthusiastic about working out, but the Moov Now not only made me actually want to go the gym, but it also got me faster results in much less time than it would have taken me on my own.

I first discovered the Moov now after I read an article online when I was researching wearable fitness companions. I wanted something I could slip on my wrist that could help me track my progress, but I knew that just looking at my numbers wasn’t going to be enough to keep me motivated. I liked that I could not only track my steps and my sleep patterns, but that the Moov Now was also my trainer!

Things That Drew Me In

Developed by coaches at Stanford, the built-in “coaching” voice actually tells me when I need to speed up, slow down, or how much longer I need to keep going in order to hit my fitness goals. It definitely pushed me to the limits, and I left the gym feeling like I’d accomplished something and really shaken up my usual workout — no danger of plateauing with the Moov Now! It also helped me to improve my form, as it actively tries to correct, again through the coaching feature, when I’m not running, stepping, or bending in the most efficient or the safest way.

I was also drawn to the long battery life. I didn’t like the idea of having to charge a fitness tracker every evening, or the possibility of having it die on me just as I was really getting into the peak of my workout. The Moov now has a six-month battery life, so I know I’m not going to loose my momentum — or my progress — in the middle of a routine.


For me, I also like the variety of workout programs included in the technology of the Moov Now. I get bored doing the same routines over and over again! With the Moov Now, I can choose between ten programs/workouts in five modes of exercise: boxing, cycling, interval training, swimming, and running. Knowing that I could switch it up every day kept up my enthusiasm about working out — it didn’t feel like a chore.


Last but not least, I liked the way it looked! The flexible, web-like design is super cute, and it’s available in black, blue, or red. It’s versatile enough for any outfit, but, if you feel like hiding it under pants or tights, it can also slip around your ankle. The best part of the Moov Now is the price. It’s affordably-priced at $100, and with all the features you get, it’s much cheaper than joining a gym for a year, or even a month!

Final Thoughts on Moov Now

If you’re looking for something to not just spice up your workout, but inspire and push you to work harder while helping you to work on areas that you can’t seem to conquer on your own, then the Moov Now is completely right for you. Check out their website to learn even more.


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