Garmin Vivoactive Review


Review of Garmin Vivoactive

The Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch is all you need to stay in shape, play, track your activities and tell the time. This watch is thin and comfortable, and you can wear it when carrying out any activity. This makes it better than a phone, pedometer or heart rate monitor in so many ways. For one thing, no other clothing is necessary to wear and use it.

You can swim and shower with it, and there are no risks of it being damaged. You can also sleep while wearing it if you so wish as it is comfortable, nonrestrictive, and it won’t hamper circulation in your wrist.



Whether you’re running, walking, biking, swimming or playing golf, this watch tracks every activity you do with amazing accuracy so you know how long you carried out an activity, how many calories you burned and the number of reps.

Keeps You In Shape

This watch will track your steps throughout the day, and based on your age, weight and height, remind you how many more steps you need to carryout to stay healthy and fit. This is an amazing feature that should have you motivated to walk, run or jog through exercise or play so you can stay in shape.

Stay Up-to-date

The Vivoactive allows you to receive updates from all your social media sites. A gentle vibration lets you know when new information has arrived. You will get missed call info and notifications from mobile apps, such as weather alerts and temperature readings. Complete text messages will arrive to this watch as will emails. All of this is possible as long as Bluetooth is enabled on the watch and the device you are syncing it with.

Neat Phone Locator

A feature of this watch, which is sure to come in handy is its ability to locate your phone. This way, you never have to spend precious time going in circles looking for a misplaced phone.

Vivoactive Apps

You can add apps and widgets specifically created for this watch from the Connect IQ Store. Apps include those for stocks, clocks, custom watch faces and speedometers so you know how fast you are running, walking, etc.

Readable Outdoors

This watch does something many phones don’t do automatically and that is, you are able to read it outdoors in full sun without blindly trying to turn up the light.

What users are saying:


Some users are not quite satisfied with this watch mostly due to its sluggishness and the fact that the screen freezes for no apparent reason on occasion. It will also disconnect from devices its synced with at times. Keep in mind, this is the first watch of this type from Garmin and updates should have improvements on the above problems.


This watch’s always-on display makes it easy to read at a glance. Its slim build means it’s fine to wear with any type of garment with sleeves. Despite its slim build, it’s easy to operate the watch with a fingertip without hitting the wrong area of the watch.

With all of this watch’s features, the option to add a heart rate monitor to it, its easy charging setup and the options in colors, this is the perfect watch for leisure, sports recreation and fitness.



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