FitBit Charge HR Review


My Review of Fitbit Charge HR

Those who are in the market for buying a fitness band will be pleased with the new features that the FitBit Charge HR has over previous models. This new band from FitBit combines the previous benefits of the fitness band with the bonus feature of a continuous heart rate monitor.

Before heading out to buy the new model, look at this list of pros and cons before deciding if it’s the right fitness band for you.

Pros of the FitBit Charge HR

This FitBit fitness band offers real-time running and walking statistics and displays the current time. It also has the ability to review the routes that are taken, splits and workout summaries via the app.

This band keeps track of all activity and workouts that are completed throughout the day, including the number of stairs that are climbed. It tracks the number of steps taken, helping users to make and complete activity goals. Additionally, with compatible apps, this fitness band can display caller ID for incoming cell phone calls.

Thought most of these features have been available on previous models, the FitBit Charge HR also displays continuous heart rate via the wristband. It displays this rate along with the target heart rate goals, so those who are exercising can strive to stay in an active workout range the entire time.

Those who use other fitness apps, such as MyFitnessPal to track calories, will be pleased that it is fully compatible with other apps and can help keep track of activities done as well as calories burned.

The device also tracks the amount of sleep that the user gets each night and allows individual sleep goals to be set in order for the user to reach an optimal amount of sleep for a healthy body. The battery has a long life, reducing the number of times that it needs to be changed with use.

Cons of the FitBit Charge HR

Compared to previous FitBit models, the Charge HR is bulkier and more difficult to hide when wearing short-sleeved shirts. Users felt that the band felt heavier on the wrist when compared to other fitness bands.

Those who swim for exercise will be disappointed that the band is not waterproof and cannot be worn in the pool or the shower, rendering it unable to track the users’ heart rate during these times.

Though the display continuously shows the users’ heart rate, many users have complained that the way that the device is worn on the wrist makes it impossible to simply glance down at the heart rate.

The display is shown using OLED, but many users complain that it turns off within seconds of turning it on, which can grow to be tiresome.

Overall Impression of the Band

Those who really want to track their heart rate during exercise may want to try this band. However, with a few kinks that need to be worked out, users may want to wait for the next model or a previous model if heart rate tracking isn’t a huge priority.


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