Awesome Workout Machines That Display How Technology Helps Fitness

Awesome Workout Machines That Display How Technology Helps Fitness

Workout Machines

Technology has turned many of us into couch potatoes, but people who are dedicated to fitness often utilize the latest technology-based workout machines available to obtain their fitness goals. ProForm Tour De France 5.0 Stationary Bicycle –The ProForm Tour De France 5.0 is the official training (stationary) bike for bicycle racing. It features both motivational technology and top-notch machinery.

The console includes iFit and Google Maps instead of the old programmed workouts so that you can map out your own course anywhere in the world and experience a simulated version of the actual terrain.

You can also simulate the 2015 Tour de France, including the scenic views and the spectators. It includes 30 gears, incline and decline, silent magnetic resistance, and toe cage pedals, which all give it a realistic feel while it builds up leg and arm muscles and improves cardiovascular strength.

The Nordic Track X9i Treadmill

The Nordic Track X9i Treadmill

This version of the treadmill solves the boredom and the low- muscle engagement problems inherent in regular treadmills by including the capability to incline the machine up to 40%. The belts can also be put into many different positions, especially when they are used with the built-in iFit feature. iFit leads you through hundreds of workouts and keeps track of your stats.

Many of today’s non-tilting treadmills that are made by other companies have improved over early models because they now feature a built-on
television and a video “trainer” that displays animation in addition to the typical heart rate monitor. They also include various fitness tests.

Stair Climber

These machines, which are sometimes also called stair steppers, are useful for building muscles in legs and buttocks, as well as for building overall body strength. The better stair climbers on the market include small onboard computers that calculate how many calories the user has burned during his workout session, track the user’s heart rate, and keep a record of how many feet or stories the user climbed.


The technology that comes with these types of machines has more to do with the design of them than with computer-related bells and whistles.
Ellipticals typically feature pedals that are connected to gliding rails and motion that simulates walking, running, climbing or a combination of stair climbing and cross-country skiing.

The user can adjust the rail height to increase the workout intensity. The better ones can be quickly adjusted from stair stepping to running full-stride. Use of this equipment improves cardiovascular strength, builds many leg muscles without harming joints, and strengthens back muscles. Shoulder muscles and biceps are also strengthened if the elliptical includes arm poles. Otherwise, the top portion stays stationary.

LifeSpan E2i Elliptical Cross Trainer

This version of the elliptical works the full body, but it still emphasizes exercising the legs. It is designed with core balance technology that gives the user real-time readouts of the amount of pressure that your body exerts on each side so that you can correct imbalances.

Bowflex Max Trainer

This exercise machine is only manufactured and sold by Bowflex. It is similar to an elliptical, but it also works out the upper body because of the two-position, moving handle bars. It was tested and was found to burn more calories in less time than treadmills, stair steppers, and stationary bikes. Like ellipticals, this machine does not impact joints. The Max designers included a modern, almost motorcycle-like, overall appearance that includes a calorie burn gauge that looks like a speedometer.

Helix Lateral Trainer

This machine is another offshoot of the elliptical. This version has the user moving the pedals in circles, side to side, instead of forward and backward, which makes the workout performed on it concentrate on just the muscles in the outer and inner thighs. Like the elliptical, the upper body is not exercised.

Magnetically Loaded Cable Machine, Free Motion

The Free Motion machine that was introduced over 10 years ago changed cable machine exercising. The newer version of the Free Motion includes magnetic resistance. It is currently just in prototype form, but it is expected to shake up the industry like its predecessor did.

Electronic Muscle Stimulator

This machine utilizes 36 electrode pads to stimulate muscles in bodybuilders, athletes, trainers, and others interested in fitness. It treats muscle spasms by relaxing the muscles, re-educates muscles, prevents atrophy and retardation, increases local blood circulation, prevents thrombosis, and it increases the range of motion, among many uses.

Technological Fitness Gadgets

Technological Fitness Gadgets

In addition to fitness machines, new technology has allowed great strides to be made in the area of fitness gadgets. Some of the more recent technology-driven fitness gadgets include interactive video games, persuasive technology, wi-fi scales, fitness trackers of various kinds, smart food scales, smart yoga mats, and smart earphones, to name a few. Some even feature global positioning systems or geographic information systems.