5 Best Technologies in Health Right Now


5 Awesome Technology in the Health Industry

In just the past couple of years, the health and medical industry have discovered break-through technologies that have solved many common health issues. Here are five health technologies that have changed many lives for the better.

1. Electronic Aspirin

Electronic Aspirin

Unlike conventional aspirin, this new electronic form of aspirin does not build a tolerance in one’s body and works every time. A majority of migraines and other headaches are primarily caused by specific nerves in the facial area. This technology works by implanting a small device in the upper gum. When the patient senses a headache starting to develop, they simply place a handheld remote over the facial area, which blocks the unwanted nerve impulse that causes the headache in the first place.

2. 3-D Printed Biological Materials

3-D Printed Biological Materials

This relatively new 3-D technology has served many different applications. One application that has benefited the most from this new technology is the medical industry. Thanks to 3-D printing, biological parts, such as embryonic stem cells, skin, blood vessels, heart tissue and many more body parts, can now be printed in a remarkably short amount of time at a very affordable cost. Before, biological parts were extremely expensive and hard to come by.

3. New Skin Printing

Those who suffer from severe second and even third degree burns do not have to worry about surgery or permanent scars any longer, due to new skin printing technology discovered by scientists at the Wake Forest University. Simply put, the technology works by imprinting beneficial proteins into the burned area, allowing a faster and more complete recovery. Before this technology was discovered, victims of severe burns had to have skin barbarically removed from other parts of their body to compensate for their permanent skin loss. As a side note, this technology offers no real benefit for those who have fourth degree or higher burns, due to the loss of muscle and bone.

4. Needle Free Diabetic Care

Needle Free Diabetic Care

One of many nuisances that diabetics face is having to constantly poke themselves with needles. Now, a new patch is being created by Echo Therapeutics that slowly administers medicine into the diabetic patient’s skin. It can also check blood sugar levels without having to draw a single drop of blood from the patient. The new technology offers a truly painless way to check blood-sugar levels and administer diabetic medicine, such as insulin.

5. A Heart Valve Job

A Heart Valve Job

Those who cannot endure major operations can now look forward to a surgery-free alternative for open heart surgery. In fact, the technology has been extensively used in many parts of Europe, and is now finding its way into the United States medical industry. The valve, also known as the “Sapien,” is guided through one’s femoral artery by making a minor incision in the rib cage. The valve itself is entirely made of bovine tissue and is attached to a stainless steel stent. Not only is this alternative much safer for the patient, but it cuts down medical costs by a significant amount.


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